I am a huge Madonna fan.

So when I received an IM from a friend who works for her, offering me a last-minute ticket for her opening night performance at Yankee Stadium, I lost it! (Thanks Nadia!) Before I could think or reschedule my plans for the night, I found myself in Madonna’s publicist’s office, drinking vodka and making a bunch of new friends. We were all there for one reason…Madonna! Women and men of all ages, ethnicities, backgrounds, and sexual orientations.

When we arrived at Yankee stadium, it felt like the year was 1988 and Michael Jackson was going to perform. The crowd was as diverse as it could get. Madonna t-shirts, short dresses, tight dresses, high heels worn by both men and women! When the lights dimmed and the chanting started, we knew we were in for an unpredictable night. . As soon as Madonna hit the stage I got completely lost in the moment. She performed a lot of her MDNA record and also mixed in a few songs from the 80′s and 90′s. That night was very political there was a lot of messaging about democracy, Michelle Obama, the Pussy Riots...Really moving stuff.

When I returned for her Saturday show (thanks Lucy!) she was in more of a spiritual mood. Her main focus that night was the idea of forgiveness. I found myself singing to “Open Your Heart” with an accompaniment of singers from the Basque region then watching Madonna perform “Like a Prayer” with a full on choir. She sang “Human Nature”while touching herself in front of the massive mirrors on stage, performed “Live A Virgin,”  half-naked,with a piano accompaniment. 

Those two nights changed my life. Seeing that she was real and not just someone I used to watch on MTV is something that will stay with me forever. A woman as phenomenal as Madonna does not even seem real. Now I know that she is and I have piece of her with me.

Love,Peace, and Nappyness,