To say "I went hard" on this music festival is an understatement. My friend Tylea texted me on a Monday about free tickets to a concert in Maryland (my hometown). She threw out names like A$AP Rocky,The Shins, Kid Cudi, and the keyword, “free.” So even though I had to get on a bus at 7am on a Saturday, I figured it would totally be worth it. Fast-forward to Friday night. I’m with friends at another friend’s show in Bushwick. We are all broke and pretty drunk on Bud light. 12am turns to 3am and suddenly I realize there are no yellow cabs in Bushwick.

After a late night L-train ride to Union Square, I end up in a cab and in my Nolita apartment by 4am.  I’m exhausted and at 6am my alarm goes off. Those first few steps out of my apartment were pretty refreshing. I was slightly lethargic on the train ride to Penn station but I knew coffee could fix it. I made it to the bus station in time and so did Tylea. We were on our way. After a grueling 6 hour bus ride, we were in Maryland. It was a little cold and a little cloudy but we were going to be okay...we made it!

The first band to perform was FUN.. They blasted “We Are Young” and in that moment, surrounded by drugged out 15 year olds, Tylea and I were young too! I drank my beer she sipped on her gin, and life was good. While Fun. was a nice opener, I found the rest of their set to sound more like elevator music. Action Bronson on the other hand was a force. We caught the last of his set. The festival cut off his sound but he refused to get off the stage. Instead he free-styled his ass off. A$AP came on shortly after. I was surprised that he was performing at 3pm, but then again he was a newcomer. He had an energy about him that made everyone jump up, but unfortunately it came and ended pretty quickly. (ha) A$AP and friends were having a great time on stage, but they forgot about the rest of the crowd. I knew with a little practice his stage show would kill….and it did…at Summer Jam (another post). We ran into him after his set and he took a picture with Tylea. He also had his assistant give Tylea his number. Tylea asked him what he was doing after the show and he replied with “I don’t know boo?! I’m not from around here!” Tylea still hasn’t reached out.

The real highlight for me was Explosions in the Sky. This band had a sound that was precise and moving. The Shins were also awesome. I felt like I was watching Garden State all over again. Unfortunately by the time the headliner, “Avicci” hit the stage, I’d been rained on, it was 30 degrees, and I was ready to go home. Tylea and I made a b-line to the bus. I passed out and woke up to hear the bus driver tell some drunk kids they were on the wrong bus. By 4am Sunday, there I was at Penn Station, hailing a cab. Did I go hard or what? 

Love, Peace, and Nappyness.