I will start this post by saying I only went to Governor’s Ball to see Fiona Apple.

I attended this show with my darling friends, Nadia and Jessie, and their crew. Since these ladies work in PR, we were able to get the highly coveted “freeloaders pass.” This pass guaranteed VIP entrance and unlimited beer and liquor. I decided to make it a pilsner day.  While bands (who were not Fiona) performed, I stretched out on the grass and enjoyed the scene. After an hour of drinking, we made our way to Fiona’s set.

Fiona Apple; dressed in a white skirt, purple wrap around, and black tank top came crashing onto the stage. Her hair swinging, her arms flailing, her Doc Marten’s stomping…all 90 pounds of her. She moved as if she’d been taking Afro-Folkloric classes and the gods were pleased. She screamed into the mic. To be honest, I have no clue how the audience reacted. I was in a trance. She made me want to laugh uncontrollably and cry at the same time. I saw this woman who had been victimized standing strong in front of thousands of people. We were all at her mercy and she liked it. She toyed with us. Her new music fit perfectly in the set. It wasn’t like, “oh, that’s a new track…damn! can’t sing along!”  She sat on the floor. She reached out to us in the crowd and took in all the love that we gave her.

The set ended with Criminal. In those 4 minutes, it was 1997, I was back in my basement, and all the angst and innocence I feared came back.

love, peace, and nappyness,