This was not technically a music "show" but a lot of music was played. Correction, a lot of really, really good music was played.

I had never been to the Bushwick Block party, but it was Saturday and I did not want to be in Manhattan.  So I took the L-train with my neighbor, a cab-loving, Manhattan-club-frequenting friend, Lucy. Before we left, we started the festivities with cranberry and vodka cocktails in plastic bottles. We were prepared for some serious day drinking. When we got to Roberta’s, Lucy’s first words were “I haven’t been to a party like this since I was a teenager.”  

Girls dressed in shorts, ripped up shirts, and dirty sneakers reigned. Sweaty, smelly,dirty boys were scattered all over. I thought it was great. The sky looked like it was ready to start pouring and I was all for it. Eventually it did rain, but no one really cared. A few bands were playing but I'm not a heavy metal girl. By the time I got to the dj booth, my friends Cristina and Tylea joined us and Lucy had had enough. I wish she would have stayed.

The dancing began and lasted for hours. Prince, Cece Peniston, The Talking Heads all pumped through the speakers. I was in a dance party. A real dance party. Bodies swayed and shook and jumped and jerked like it was 1995. We were all feeling ourselves. Freeing ourselves. I’ve never felt that kind of euphoria in my life. I know I sound super trippy here, but the party was that good.

When it ended, Cristina, Tylea, and I had to ask each other if it really happened. We just couldn’t believe it. Words really can’t express  how good this party was, but maybe the picture on this post will.

Love, Peace, and Nappyness,